Why students will require premium service?


To further their education, students nowadays attend prestigious institutions and universities. With new obstacles and fierce competition, the educational system is becoming more difficult every day. Millions of students are looking for the chance to enroll in a course of their choice at the top universities that will help them get employment in the best sectors of the economy. The competition for these students to enroll in these universities and pursue their chosen subjects of study, however, is growing as a result of the excessively limited number of seats at these universities. They must take challenging entrance exams for the colleges they hope to attend, and each of these universities maintains a very high standard for these exams to ensure that only the brightest brains can pass them and gain admittance.

However, many students want to be the best in their class and perform exceptionally well in the semester exams as well. But this is always not possible. Some colleges give equal importance to semester exams and online assignments. They want their students to perform exceptionally well in all the online technical assignments that are given to them based on their subjects and want them to score top-level marks in exams. Most often students falter in this situation as they fail to balance their studies and homework or coursework. They try to accomplish both at the same time and end up getting an average mark. Other such reasons why students fail to perform exceptionally well in this college Essay Help are:

  • Students of foreign origins do not understand how to write an exceptional college assignment because they do not have a strong hold on the language.
  • Many students fail to write assignments according to their proper format. Every online assignment for example report writing, annotated bibliography, literature review, thesis writing, and dissertation writing has its format that should be strictly followed if a student wants to score a good mark. However, even if a student is through with the subject, they may not understand or differentiate these formats and end up writing a mediocre assignment.

To tackle this issue, we have recently come up with a premium service from My Assignment Experts. This premium service has been introduced keeping in mind the needs of the students who want to score high distinction marks in their subjects. It is about giving the students the best experience of our service. Through his service, we want to provide something different or something extra that will make students sit comfortably expecting to get the best outcome from their assignment report. The students can take advantage of extra prospects and perks through this enhanced service, which we shall examine in more detail in the sections below.


What kind of service are you expecting to get if you opt for a premium service from My Assignment Experts?


If a student is availing of premium service from My Assignment Experts, then they can expect to get a lot of customization in their work and services. The most important factor working here is the expert who will be working on your online assignment.

Students who use the premium service have their assignments completed by writers who have earned a 5-star rating for their work. These star rating systems are the average of all the ratings that students have given for the quality of their assignments to the writers at My Assignment Experts. These writers are also chosen according to their academic background, expertise in the field of their specialization, and how successful they have been in both their professional and academic life. Additionally, we also look for writers who have the best capacity to conduct important research on the topic given by the student and the smoothness with which they present the final content. The majority of the time, academic writers with three and four-star ratings are chosen or assigned to complete assignments given by the student. For difficult and urgent work, the 5-star authors are kept who have the expertise to solve the difficulties and still present the student with great-quality content. Other than a premium quality writer you can expect to get the following services:

  • Free plagiarism report – As it is, we pay great attention while solving any kind of assignment that we get from our clients so that no plagiarism is detected in our special plagiarism-checking app. When using the premium service, you can request and receive a free plagiarism verification report from the applications or software whenever and wherever you need it. The report that verifies the work's originality and validity is available to all other clients for an additional $3.95 fee which you can avail of free of cost.
  • Proofreading service – We already have a quality assurance department that checks every work with extra care for any kind of grammatical error, spelling mistakes, formatting, and most importantly to see if the work has been done as per requirement. Additionally, premium customers get a thorough report on the assignment's quality rating. Such a quality report is not offered to consumers who do not pay a fee.
  • Any rework within a day - The students' revision is promised within 24 hours with premium service. The rework is completed and provided following the usual service within 72 hours of the rework request.
  • Chose or change your writer as per your wish - If a student using the premium service is dissatisfied with the writer currently working on his assignment, they are allowed to request a different writer. If not, no such request is granted.

Hence, you can see that with the premium service, how easily you can get your job done in a matter of time from the best writers in our business. To know the charges, please contact now in the below details.




1. Am I allowed to choose a writer under the premium service?

Yes, with the premium you can choose to work with any of the writers under us. We assign you a 5-star rated writer. But there is always an option that you may choose from the review page.

2. Can I avail of rework service more than once under the premium facility?

Yes, you can avail of revision from your current writer or any other writer as per your wish under premium service.