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Malaysia is a multicultural nation that ranks among the top tourist destinations on the entire planet. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Malaysia is a nation rich in diversity and culture. However, we ought to be conscious that it is also among the best nations for an all-around international student program. According to UNESCO, it is the 11th most preferred destination for learning in the world. Due to several benefits that students can take advantage of, such as low cost of livelihood, heterogeneity in culture and cuisine, and even the climate, living as an overseas student in Malaysia can be a truly great experience. Additionally, as English is a widely spoken language, it is also convenient to travel to surrounding countries and experience South Asia.

Malaysia has been developing a strategic vision known as "Vision 2020" for more than 25 years. It is an enormous undertaking to make a big change in the higher education sector. Malaysia has achieved this in recent years, becoming one of the world's strongest nations in this area. Each year, it welcomes many foreign students to study at its many private university and colleges. Malaysia is currently ranked among the best nations in the world for higher education for several reasons. The top motives for international students choosing to study in Malaysia are listed below.


  • Being surrounded by a varied culture and having access to a wide range of academic programs at reasonable pricing are two of the main benefits of studying in Malaysia. Even with cheap tuition costs, students can choose from degree programs that let them learn in Malaysia and get recognized credentials from their partner institutions in Australia and the UK.
  • The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), which regulates the integrity of all facets of the educational system, is legitimate. This guarantees that both government and private higher learning establishments are of the highest caliber and that students acquire competencies that apply to their chosen fields of employment.
  • Students can obtain a diploma from a foreign university that was established outside of the republic, like Nottingham University, while still paying Malaysian tuition fees.  In contrast, students at the Nottingham University Malaysia campus would spend USD 8,850 for a Bachelor of Business degree, while students at the Nottingham University UK institution would pay around USD 22,300.
  • The relatively low cost of living is among the other benefits of studying in Malaysia. In Malaysia, individuals can eat for less than $4, which significantly reduces costs. With the advent of low-cost apartments, rent is also quite reasonable, and students have the availability of a variety of leisure activities. Additionally, transportation is highly convenient thanks to Malaysia's first-rate transportation infrastructure, which includes trains and buses that run continuously. The overall expense of living, which includes housing, meals, commuting, utilities, and other expenses, is roughly USD 300 per month.
  • Malaysia is among the nations that don't make it difficult for students to enroll in one of its universities. It's typical to obtain a study visa in Malaysia.
  • In Malaysia, the bulk of the population can speak English, which allows them to interact effectively with vacationers and overseas students. English is emphasized throughout your education because it is a popular tourist destination and because it can truly improve the English proficiency of foreign students.
  • Universities in Malaysia are renowned worldwide. In the 2019 QS World University Rankings, University Malaya is ranked 87th overall. UCSI University, Multimedia University, and Taylor's University are three additional regional private universities that are promoted and are also listed in the program.



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