Easy refund policy at My Assignment Experts

Transparent refund policy that enables My Assignment Experts to conduct business with the customer in the most transparent way.

My Assignment Experts has been providing students with high-quality service for the last 10 years. We have made a reputation for ourselves among the student community not only for the quality of work or service that we provide but also for the level of transparency that we maintain while conducting our business. Internationally, we have been assisting students in meeting their educational requirements and enhancing their knowledge. To ensure that none of our students' growth is hindered in any regard, we strive to maintain our policies completely transparent and explicit. Any errors we make are entirely our responsibility. If you have purchased an assignment from us and we are unable to accomplish it following your instructions, we will be required to provide you with a partial or full refund.

Conditions for getting a refund

Although we always try our best to assign the finest writer for your assignment needs, there are situations when this is not possible due to unanticipated reasons. Writers that are unfamiliar with your subject matter frequently make mistakes with your assignment, which results in low grades for you. In our business, these scenarios have rarely happened. However, in this situation, you have the option of receiving a complete refund or selecting another assigned work with a similar value. Conditions under which you can expect to get a partial or full refund of your money are:

  • When there is too much pressure or it is the peak time of the year for the students to submit their assignments, it may happen that no expert has been assigned to you yet or there is the unavailability of enough experts to complete your work. Even though it's unusual, it occasionally happens during peak times. Under these conditions, the refund is always 100% of the purchase price. The consumer need not be concerned if such an event does take place because they will be informed as soon as possible.
  • In a different scenario, you might have canceled the order even though the expert was confirmed and about half the deadline had passed. In this scenario, the reimbursement amount ranges from 100% to 75% to account for the firm's and expert's attempts to deliver you the purchased service.
  • Similarly, in another case, half of the time assigned for submission has passed and an expert has been working on your assignment and has completed half the work when you decide to cancel the order. The refund that you will get in this case will vary from 0 to 50% as the expert has already spent that amount of time and effort on your work.
  • Another possibility is that our writers will submit your assignment after a deadline has passed. It can only take place in the event of an emergency or if the expert becomes ill. If the client has not retrieved the work that the tutor has delivered, they reserve the right to ask for compensation in the event of delays. If the student downloads the expert's work, they are no longer entitled to a refund because they are considered to have utilized it.

95% of the time delivery of all the orders is guaranteed. When necessary, materials are submitted by the customer relatively late, delays can occasionally occur. No refund is possible in this circumstance. It is therefore best to send all relevant information about the assignment at once, including any supplementary sources that will be needed, when making the initial order.

Badly presented work can lead to a refund

The experts working under us most often try to give you the work as per requirement. However, the business is required to address the issues raised and provide a refund if the customer is dissatisfied with the work's execution and requirements and prefers to do so. Within seven days of receiving the service, the customer has the option to seek a refund by presenting pertinent documentation if they are still unsatisfied. The investigation's findings, which heavily depend on the case's circumstances and the customer's supporting documentation, will determine whether the refund claim is allowed or denied. Also, if the student feels that the work is somehow plagiarized, we have a tool to check plagiarism before the work is submitted to students. However, if any plagiarism comes through later when the student has received the work, they will have to produce a third-party verification report to prove it. If proven they will get a full refund.

Reasons for refund getting denied

We have a strict policy of 30 days for a customer to claim a refund after receiving the solution to their work. If you submit a grievance, our quality control team is entitled to examine it and decide whether to accept it or reject it based on the provided justifications. The criteria based on which your refund can get rejected are:

  • The refunds for delays and price adjustments that were earlier specified are not applicable if the deadline changes because the due dates are different. When you place an order with us we go through the deadline beforehand and accept it accordingly, hence due to the earlier deadline the advance 50% of the amount cannot be paid back to you.
  • Refund requests due to client delays are not considered by us. Since the work is research-based, there may be delays because of the intricacy of the topic, a conversation breach between the customer and the writer, a modification in the specifications, or the need for additional research materials. Despite our best efforts to provide the answer on the client's anticipated date, we ask our customers to preserve extra time when placing an order on our website.
  • Also remember that while we do our best to give the student the best work possible, we cannot assure grades. The papers that we offer are intended simply as rough draught examples or as a frame of comparison; they are not complete and should not be presented as one's work.

Additional information

All kinds of refund requests are entertained only after thorough scrutiny. If a revision is possible for a work, we ask our customer to opt for that. However, you will need to allow at least 7 working days for the company to evaluate the refund process, explain its decision, and then 7 working days for the refund to be processed.