What is Network Infrastructure Design?


Your computing connection architecture's network infrastructure design is the base upon which you want to create your computing network ecosystem. Regardless of how well you construct your computing program, if the networking equipment architecture is subpar, network latency will prevent the framework from operating effectively. If you have ever resided in a large city, you have certainly had the sensation of becoming congested by scores of automobiles in high traffic. By segmenting the system, network infrastructure design aims to improve efficiency and decrease network traffic. You must focus on these three aspects while designing a network infrastructure. Design of the Ethernet broadband communication, categorization and making a networking technology choice is part of the approach.

Any network infrastructure design must demonstrate a variety of features, such as:

  • Detailed network mapping is a necessary part of the operations. It is necessary to assess the case requirements for the required network infrastructure to be built and setup.
  • The needed cable's architecture and design along with the right wired as well as wireless connectivity for the various networking devices is an important consideration here.
  • The total number, variety, and position of all networked equipment required for setup and infrastructure alignment is a necessary direction for the relevant designs.
  • The IP address scheme you use is one of the most important aspects of connectivity establishment with the functionality of operation for specific simulated testing.
  • Information about your network's infrastructure and safety procedures are relevant to be implemented through appropriate Firewall setup and necessary Access Controls.


Points to Consider for a Perfect Network Infrastructure 

Designing and developing a perfect Network Infrastructure design is one of the main aspects of any student submitting assessments related to Networking Assignments. It is highly necessary to develop and determine the knowledge through appropriate evaluation of the case study presented within the assignment requirements. Our experienced Networking experts have gained the right knowledge of designing, developing, configuring and testing out every single network infrastructure design with the help of proper diagramming tools and simulation software.

  • The initial point to be considered regarding the development of a perfect network infrastructure design is the appropriate designing and placement of necessary networking devices with valid structure and planning.
  • It is highly necessary to consider the accuracy of a computational system and its right configuration for performing in a certain way within the network structure. This approach requires proper direction for the experience.
  • Our experts are certified networking professionals with proper experience in developing network infrastructure with the help of simulation tools like Cisco Packet Tracer. The use of such tools needs proper testing.
  • We at My Assignment Experts consider the accuracy and appropriateness of a network infrastructure design and deployment. This approach includes knowledge of both logical and physical network design and simulation.
  • It is necessary to develop and consider the various requirements such as proper connectivity, the establishment of communication protocols and necessary device configurations that our Assignment Helpers provide.
  • On a final consideration, designing a proper network infrastructure for an assignment also requires proper reporting and accurate presentation. Our experts are also proficient at managing the respective deliverables completely.



Network Infrastructure Design Assignments


The various ICON College Degree courses, which are related to IT and computer programs are well known for looking for network infrastructure designs. Those courses are linked to two important curriculum sections, the HND in Computing and the BSc (Hons) in Computing. Our experts at My Assignment Experts provide a fully conclusive response for each of your requirements among these courses. Knowledge management and strict education are highly valued at the ICON College of Technology and Management (ICTM). Generally, we adhere to all regulations before taking on obligations, depending on the requirements associated with specific networking initiatives. To handle all of the industry's essential major elements, including Network Design, Programming, Simulation, and Display, our experienced team of networking experts has undergone advanced education:

  • Network Infrastructure Design Assignments especially coming from ICON College are designed specifically to test out the student knowledge in advanced network design and direction. Our experts can handle such tasks through the experience of multiple semesters of work.
  • The design phase is one of the important aspects of networking assignments. It is necessary to use professional tools like Visio to design and develop the network's theoretical design before any sort of practical application.
  • The requirement for making the network infrastructure free of single points of failure is necessary to be established with a proper topological adaptation based on the requirement for setting up the network as part of the assignment.
  • Our Experts also take care of the originality of the written and developed content with the help of their innovative understanding of the task requirements. This approach is associated with proper analysis and direction regarding the network.




1. Can you guarantee the network infrastructure will be 100% accurate?

We at My Assignment Experts can guarantee that the network infrastructure will be 100% accurate as per the requirements and/or the case study provided. It is highly necessary to develop and determine the valid objectives of communication and connectivity setup within the network infrastructure. For this approach, we provide appropriate testing out of the simulation for the respective network assignment solution. We also take care of the marking criteria and assessment specifications.

2. Can we get a live demonstration of the Simulation?

Yes, you can get a live demonstration of the simulated network structure. Our experts will create a proper PowerPoint presentation of the network infrastructure functionality upon request and requirement. In addition, we also provide videos of network testing conducted within the simulated environment. The association with connectivity testing, ping testing, configuration testing, and simulation testing are performed. If there is a further requirement, we will also provide security testing for the network infrastructure simulated.