Australia is becoming one of the best education hubs for both national and international students in recent times. It is considered one of the best education destinations in recent times giving equal competition to big countries like the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Canada. In the last few decades, many colleges and universities have been established in Australia and this has resulted in a large influx of foreign students from all over the world. Studying at an Australian university is an opportunity of a lifetime for both native and foreign students. The reasons why Australia is becoming popular among the student community are:

  • Renowned universities and colleges - There are many options available to foreign students who want to study in Australia. In total, there are 43 universities in Australia, including 40 domestic, 2 foreign, and 1 private. Six Australian universities are among the top 100 most prestigious universities in the world, demonstrating the importance of both quantity and quality. Many students immigrate to Australia from Asian countries including India, Bangladesh, and China for quality education.
  • Technological advancements – Many small countries do not have proper research facilities or students do not get the opportunity to carry out their research work due to a lack of advanced scientific equipment or proper infrastructure. Australia provides such students who are pursuing master's and Ph.D. with plenty of opportunities by availing them of all the facilities required for research.
  • Cultural diversity - Australia is a multicultural country. Due to the abundance of different cultures, there is a possibility to explore something different and venture outside of your comfort zone while also feeling a part of the diverse environment.
  • Easy availability of Visa - Australia offers a simpler procedure for the Student Visa if you are trying to obtain one. You must fulfill several criteria for your application to be granted, such as being accepted into a university and having the necessary financial resources. Additionally, you must have enough health insurance for the period of your stay.
  • Internship for students - Internships and job opportunities may be available to students at some Australian universities. If this is a choice that appeals to you, be sure to enquire about any prerequisites from your preferred educational institution.
  • Excellent work opportunities - Additionally, Australia provides temporary graduate visas that enable certain foreign students to remain and work there even after they have graduated. Australia welcomes international students and provides a wealth of enriching opportunities, including the chance to receive a top-notch education.

However, being admitted to Australian universities is not the end of the road. It is where the challenges start once a student starts studying in those universities. To complete graduation from these universities students must pass tough examinations and must solve hard urgent assignments on various subjects and topics. These course works are tough to solve as they are based on the core subject of the students. These consist of both technical assignments and theoretical assignments. However, students fail to solve these assignments in most cases, and even if they try to solve them, they come up with the following issues:

  • Most foreign students are not good at English as it is not their native language. However, most online technical assignments are given in English, as it is the most spoken language in Australia. However, due to a lack of proper knowledge of English students fail to understand and solve these assignments
  • Studying in Australia is a costly affair. Most students have to work part-time to cover the cost of food and lodging. In this busy schedule, students do not find enough time to sit and solve these online assignments as they continuously juggle between work, classes, and studies

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