Presenting a complete Networking Assignment solution for your BTEC Program


ICON College is well known for its various programs associated with Engineering and Information Technology courses. These courses are associated with major program units such as HND in Computing and BSc (Hons) in Computing. We at My Assignment Experts provide an all-around comprehensive solution for all your assignments within these units. ICON College of Technology and Management (ICTM) focuses on strict direction and development of subject knowledge. Depending on the requirements associated with your Networking Assignments, we tend to comply with all guidelines before taking up the responsibility. Our team of experts has been trained specifically to handle all your mandatory core units including Programming, Networking, Database Design & Development, and Website Design & Development.

We at My Assignment Experts provide you with a complete and comprehensive solution through a proper understanding of all your assignments, breaking them down into achievable bits and points. It has been observed that the assessors of these units and assignments are quite strict and tend to provide additional information, which can sometimes be tough for you to handle. With My Assignment Experts by your side, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Our experts are specifically trained to handle all requirements strategically including both theoretical and practical segments of the Networking Assignments. You can also share any specific additional requirement provided by your assessor and we will put that into consideration while developing the best possible solution for you.



A Deeper Understanding of How We handle your Work


Our Networking Experts are academically sound with Master's and Ph.D. qualifications and have been handpicked from specific fields, in this case with advanced knowledge of Networking. Several other pointers of consideration that would substantiate our claim of implementing the best possible knowledge into your Networking assignments with valid prowess:

  • Our team of professionals specifies the type of Technology work and requirements provided courses and College wise for various students seeking help at My Assignment Experts. The specific Networking Experts are then briefed  about your deadlines and provided with the relevant requirement material for their study and initial planning
  • The further evaluation of the requirements and deliverables is then assessed with a proper doubt-clearing and brainstorming session. In the case of the Networking assignments provided by ICON College, the usual deliverables are a properly structured report, a logical network design file (.pkt), and an interactive presentation file.
  • Our experts initiate with a proper understanding of the case study and the network design requirements. We use the latest upgrade of the Cisco Packet Tracer for designing the logical network simulation. Once the structure is complete, we tend to thoroughly test out the respective network simulated within the Cisco design window.
  • Once the practical simulation is done and all readings including screenshots have been collected, we move on to the next step of operation, which is the report development and proper structuring. The report is created using every single guideline provided by ICON College and its relevant course faculty.
  • The final deliverable is structured with the help of an interactive presentation that would provide the assessors with a perfect understanding of the work done. The professional approach of this presentation will be processed through the required approach and guidance along with necessary analysis and application.



Our claim to provide the best Networking Assignment Solution for ICON College


Amongst several other service providers like us, we at My Assignment Experts also claim to give our best service. However, apart from testimonials and reviews from severing all existing clients; we also do have to share our transparency with you. His is the type of immersive experience that would further strengthen our understanding of future direction. Please let us guide you through the guaranteed service promise through these pointers:

  • ICON College follows a specific standard of reference and assessment on its various assignments. Our experts are well accustomed to their strict guidelines and always abide by them. The highly complicated Assessment Criteria are one of our primary focuses in these assignments.
  • Unlike other similar service providers, we at My Assignment Experts do not only aim for the Pass Criteria maintaining P1 to P8 marking specifications. Our experts can reach distinction levels with a proper following of the D1 to D3 specifications for your assignments.
  • We follow a strict No Plagiarism policy no matter how many copies of the work we provide every semester. Our experts keep the consideration of innovative reporting in mind with proper phrasing of original content without fail. We will also provide plagiarism reports free of cost.
  • It is necessary to develop and process the appropriate deliverables through the use of professional language, proper testing of the network simulation, and an interactive presentation. This is where we like to use multiple experts panel for every single assignment for the best efforts.
  •  In consideration for a specific preparation guideline for every single submission, every single point of consideration including structuring and referencing in the Harvard format is kept as a priority. It is highly relevant to determine the use of scholarly sources of reference for networking assignments.




1. How can I be guaranteed the best possible solution?

 We at My Assignment Experts guarantee that all these deliverables are thoroughly checked after completion and reworked in case of any errors. Our team of Quality Analysts test out the Network Simulation and thoroughly proofread the theoretical work along with the presentation. We also provide a plagiarism report free of cost and with a complimentary assurance on the originality of work, meeting all learning outcomes.

2. Do your writers provide network simulation and presentation?

Yes, our networking experts provide complete network simulation with all nodes connected and tested thoroughly with proof of development through screenshots and explanations in the reports. For the presentation, they will also provide speaker notes in a separate Word document for you to present your assignment in front of the concerned assessors. We will also provide rectifications in case you have any doubts about the work done.