Best Online Study Tools for Students


Why students need study tools to prepare for examinations


Study tools are crucial for students prepping for exams because they enhance their educational efficiency and learning process. Students can tackle their studies in a systematic and organized way by using efficient study tools including flashcards, practice quizzes, note-taking software, and internet sources. They aid in improved information learning and retention, time management, and the enhancement of conceptual awareness in students. In this blog, My Assignment Experts have tried to guide you through the best online study tools for students. Besides, we have the best experts who can assist you with all assignment services and university assignment help if you are not an expert at handling these online tools.

Top study tools for students


The best online study tools for students are as follows:


  • Grammarly - The main goal of Grammarly is to make your writing better. It provides you with detailed descriptions as to why you may want to modify something, unlike conventional spelling and grammar checks, and it also offers advice on how to make your tone and language more precise.
  • Evernote -Students can make, organize, and exchange documents, to-do lists, and other learning resources using the note-taking application Evernote. Evernote is a fantastic tool for maintaining and organizing course materials because it has functionality like web clipping and group note-taking.
  • MarinaraTimer - This one is a little unusual because it boosts performance and efficiency at work rather than providing study assistance or anything like that. The Pomodoro technique is used, in which you work for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break, and then take a 15-minute break after an hour. But, you can create a personalized timer to suit your working style.
  • Coursera - A network for online learning called Coursera offers both complimentary and premium courses from prestigious colleges and institutes all over the world. Coursera is an excellent tool for learners wishing to broaden their knowledge because it offers classes in topics like computer science, business, and healthcare.
  • StudyBlue -StudyBlue is a platform that lets users create their flashcards, tests, and study materials for a range of subjects. StudyBlue is a fantastic tool for students wishing to increase their knowledge in a certain subject because it has a huge archive of pre-made study material.
  • Google Docs -It serves as an efficient method of exchanging educational resources and working on projects together. If you're just looking for a quick and easy way to organize and share a range of documents, it's pretty much unbeatable. It is free and easy to use. A Google account is all that is required.
  • Khan Academy - A non-profit educational institution called Khan Academy provides free instructional materials in many different subject areas, such as math, science, and the humanities. The website serves as a helpful tool for learners who want to develop their skills because it offers video courses, practice activities, and assessments.
  • HippoCampus - A superb selection of digital multimedia content is provided by HippoCampus. It includes study resources for thirteen different disciplines at various skill levels. Video, animation, and simulation-based learning materials are HippoCampus' areas of expertise.
  • Wolfram Alpha - Wolfram Alpha is a cognitive information engine that provides solutions to challenging questions in a wide range of academic fields, including physics, chemistry, and more. Students who want to find solutions to challenging equations and issues should use Wolfram Alpha.
  • Quizlet -Quizlet is a flexible learning tool that enables users to make unique flashcards, educational games, and quizzes for review. Quizlet is a fantastic tool for students to review content for classes or prepare for tests because it has a huge collection of pre-made study sets.


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