Explanation of Rolfe Reflective Model For Students


What is Rolfe's Reflective Model?


The reflecting model developed by Rolfe et al. (2001) is founded on three straightforward inquiries: What? Then what? What's next? You can select from the questions listed underneath to respond to the three aspects. It is necessary to consider your perspective as an academic individual or student for properly managing your daily life activities and responsibilities involving other stakeholders and various academic or non-academic activities. Herein you will find a proper direction to the various considerations that you should engage to keep the structure relevant.


  • Is the issue, challenge, or explanation for becoming trapped, because of thinking unpleasant or cause we cannot communicate the cause?
  • Was it necessary for me to be there?
  • Did I have a goal in mind?
  • What steps did I start taking?
  • Was the reaction of other people?
  • Did the student suffer any repercussions? Myself? Everyone else?
  • What emotions did it make the child feel? Myself? Everyone else?
  • What about the encounter was excellent or terrible?

Then what?                                                         

  • Does this convey something regarding myself, my classroom, others, our connection, the way I care for my clients, the style of treatment I am utilizing, my sentiments, or the behaviors of my clients?
  • As I behaved, was running throughout my psyche?
  • On what did I measure my activities?
  • Can I offer any additional expertise to the scenario?
  • What could/should I have performed to improve it?
  • Is my current perception of the circumstances accurate?
  • Broad problems are raised by the circumstance.

What's next?

  • Do I have to take any particular action to enhance my knowledge, fix the problem, feel smoother, get along better, etc.?
  • If this activity is to be effective, bigger problems must be taken into account.
  • What could happen because of this activity?


Rolfe Reflective Model Utilization by Academic Individuals (Students)


The concept was primarily created for academic education, however, it has since been applied more broadly, in part because it is simple to understand and apply. The three components of the paradigm encourage you to think about what occurred, the ramifications of the event, and the repercussions for future behavior in order. The model's cyclical nature suggests permanence. The behavioral direction or approach adjustments that result again from introspective thinking can then be examined, either through a subsequent modification is required or it is determined that the adjustments were acceptable. In this particular presentation below, a valid presentation of proper example regarding the consideration of reflective writing with the help of the Rolfe Reflective Model has been presented:


Individual responsibilities were distributed to team individuals in my team. Originally, not every member of the team thought the responsibilities seemed equally challenging.

Then what?

This sense of injustice put team members' ability to cooperate in jeopardy. Team collaboration, or friendliness, is a sort of team dynamics recognized by sociological interdependence theory, and numerous types of research have shown that such interactions "promote higher accomplishment."

What's next?

In the end, our team was productive, but the procedure could have been improved if we had had a chief executive to help promote collaboration when responsibilities were just being distributed. I would recommend this in teamwork projects moving forward, both in the classroom as well as at employment.

Table 1: Example of Reflective Writing (Rolfe Reflective Model)

In the life of an academic professional, it is highly necessary to evaluate and consider the strategies through which a proper reflective direction can be processed. In most cases, the major aspect of a student's life is to develop a proper understanding of the deliverables and the ways through which past mistakes and issues can be contemplated for further betterment of the activities in the future, including both academic and non-academic content.


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In case of any assignment is associated with the requirement for a student's reflective understanding of a certain topic, educational structure, reflective analysis of articles, and other documentation, it is relevant to be associated with proper planning. The pointers structured below would guide your evaluation in the proper direction:

  • It is crucial to keep in mind to cite sources in overall reflective writing. If you decide to follow Rolfe et al's (2001) model, the "so what" portion is the best location for your citations to go. Consider citing examples to support your actions. For example, you might have chosen to employ a certain strategy after reading about how it performed in a situation similar to yours. The material you have read may also be readily incorporated into your "now what" portion. For example, you might have learned about tactics you can employ in the upcoming to address the issues you noticed in your reflections.
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