Ways to Reduce Academic Stress


Under what situation do students get stressed?


The definition of stress can differ from person to person. Every individual feels stress at some point in their life. Every individual feels vulnerable in some situations or others, which other people may find easy to handle. Thus, the parameters of evaluating stress in an individual are not standard procedures. Stress is a feeling of pressure, either emotional or bodily. Numerous events in a person's life might cause negative feelings like rage, irritation, and anxiety, which can then contribute to stress in that person. The body's response to a requirement or difficulty is stress. Chronic stress can cause serious health problems. Depending on how one responds to a given scenario, anxiety levels can vary. Many people do not experience anxiety in stressful situations; they view stress as a minor inconvenience and carry on with everyday activities. Others concern themselves more than is necessary, which negatively impacts their health.

In recent years competition for performance among students has increased exponentially. From the very childhood, when children start their elementary education, they are forced to choose the path of competition by peer pressure or by the feeling that they are the best. At every stage of their life, this feeling becomes more prominent as the students advance to a different level in their educational life. The main reasons students become stressed out are:

  • There is a stress of examination throughout the year. An individual has to perform well in these exams to get promoted to the next session.
  • There is the added pressure of homework, coursework, and online assignments that are mandatory in both schools and colleges. One cannot skip solving these online assignments if one wants to practically understand the application of their chosen degree courses.
  • There is a stress of getting the best grade in class, which will enable the student to apply for the best career option.
  • Many students of international origin study in foreign countries under scholarship programs as they are not able to afford to pay the tuition fees charged by these colleges. They have to continuously score high distinction marks if they want to retain their scholarships. This gets the students in a very stressful situation.
  • Many parents want their kids to be an all-rounder and participate in extracurricular activities along with studies. But they might not realize that their kids are unable to balance or manage their time between studies and other activities.
  • Some students also get into the bad company of friends and end up doing substance abuse. By the time they realize this, it is already too late.


The effects of stress on students


Stress can become chronic if proper mental health care isn't put in place. An adolescent may experience emotional or physical signs of stress as a result of academic pressure. Any of the following mental health conditions can be brought on by a student's struggle with intense academic pressure.

  • Difficulties in sleep pattern
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse to release stress
  • Social isolation
  • loss of appetite or overeating
  • Loss of interest in activities that previously interested them
  • The inability to feel relaxed
  • Panic attacks
  • Adoption of unethical ways to pass


How stress can be reduced


Students must always seek out help in case they are suffering from stress related to academics. This is important, otherwise, they will end up scoring poor marks. In the worst-case scenario, they can get addicted to drugs or alcohol or even attempt to harm themselves. Certain ways can be adopted to reduce stress to some extent:

  • Motivating oneself with positive self-talk – It is important that whatever activity we perform throughout the day, we must not criticize ourselves for taking a particular decision in the day relating to our academics. We need to stop belittling ourselves and praise ourselves more for the efforts we put forward in the educational field every day.
  • Accepting the mistake and taking responsibility for it - Acknowledge your mistakes and own up to them. Recognize your error before acting if you are absent from a class or unable to finish your online homework. You can apologize to your professor, explain your situation, and then be more prepared in the future.
  • It is important to forgive yourself – We apologize to others whenever we make a mistake, but we do not apologize to ourselves even if we are approaching an academic problem wrongly or unable to perform well in attest. We must do that more often and can pledge ourselves to perform better next time.
  • Self-care is important – A student in their college life hardly gets time for themselves. They work hard like machines jumping from one chapter to another, from one class to another, from studying for their exams to preparing for college assignments. During all these, they fail to take time out for themselves. However, a bit of self-care and taking time out for yourself to relax is good for mental health.
  • Seek out help from specialists – Eat healthily and exercise whenever you get time. Even after all these, if you are stressed out then seek help from a psychiatrist.


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