How Should Students Manage Stress Effectively


International Students Facing Stress


In case of the stressful aspects that relate to students going abroad for studies, it is highly necessary to evaluate the various factors relating to the complexities of the new life in an entirely different environment. When someone is confronted with a circumstance that is too overpowering for him or her to handle, stress results. Private residence issues, linguistic barriers, poor educational relationships with the teachers, relationships with other classmates, solitude, financial challenges, a lack of assets to complete academic research, and cultural difference are the most common causes of anxiety for foreign students in an unusual university context. These pointers would associate with the various factors relating to stress for students:


  • Lack of proper Residence is associated with the new environment and the University campus can be a huge deal of stress for the student to be handled initially.
  • Another major stress factor here is associated with the concept of linguistic difficulties and the improper understanding of accents, slang, or the way of speaking.
  • The case of poor or below-par academic conduct is an overall aspect of stress associated with student life and the pressure for getting good marks can take a toll.
  • The respective aspect of culture shock is one of the major issues related directly to the increase in stress factors and a student feeling out of their comfort zone.
  • Studying abroad and settling there can at times be very lonely for various students and this aspect can be quite critical as part of the respective stress factors.
  • The final stress factor in this aspect can be associated with improper teacher-student relationships or conduct under consideration in an academic setting.


Remedies against Stress Factors


There are various remedies to be presented against the aspect of stress that students face in their daily life. Some of the major remedies of stress in student life are mostly necessary to be handled with the right counseling as well as medical attention. The requirement for proper objective and planning is necessary to be structured with the development of knowledge for the student life to be processed through strategic application. These pointers are associated with the development of proper systems and their operations:

  • In this particular approach, the requirement for residence is necessary to be substantiated through the University hostels as well as private accommodations smoothly.
  • Considering the linguistic difficulties, it is necessary to determine the maintenance of a professional communicating style with a popular link language like English.
  • The use of academic counselors is necessary to be assessed through proper objectives and overall focus on the development of good marks for the specific student.
  • Dealing with culture shock is necessary to be processed with proper objectives and application through the determination of better awareness and inclusivity.
  • In this particular approach, the determination for proper planning is relevant to be associated with valid directives and specifications for interactive activities.
  • The development of the teacher-student relationship is required to be substantiated with proper planning and association through interactive classroom sessions.


Our Intervention in Dealing with Stress


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