Impact of technology on education and academic performance


Introduction to Technology and its Relation to academic performance


Technology has permeated every part of our life in the modern era, including the subject of education. It is a tool that facilitates the speedy and effective completion of challenging jobs. Digital learning tools used effectively in the classroom can increase student engagement, help teachers develop better lesson plans, and promote individualized learning. It also aids in the growth of critical thinking abilities in students. Virtual classrooms, augmented reality (AR), films, various robotics, and other technological tools can increase student engagement and make learning more engaging.


Some technologies used in enhancing education and academic performance


Before discussing the impact of technology on education and education performance, we should discuss some technological tools that have helped improve academic performance among the student community. Some of these tools are:

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) - LMS platforms give teachers a centralized area to design and administer assignments, tests, and course material. The management of instructional content has been made more efficient by technology.
  • Apps for Education - Applications for education employ gamification approaches to make learning fun and interactive for students. With the aid of these apps, students can follow their progress, learn at their own pace, and get immediate feedback.
  • Virtual and augmented reality - These technologies produce immersive learning environments that let students explore difficult subjects in a more interesting way.
  • Adaptive learning - Data analytics are used by adaptive learning systems to tailor each student's learning experience. Better learning outcomes result from these systems' analysis of student performance data and corresponding adjustments to the material's degree of difficulty.
  • Cloud computing - Collaboration and sharing of educational materials between students and teachers are made simple by cloud computing technologies.


Some of the impacts of technology on education and academic performance


The education industry has seen several changes as a result of technology, making it more affordable, engaging, and effective. Five impacts of technology on education and academic performance are listed below:

  • More Access to Education: Students now have the option to access educational materials from any location with an internet connection thanks to online courses and e-learning platforms.
  • Customized Learning: Data analytics is used by adaptive learning systems to examine student performance information and modify the material's degree of difficulty as necessary to improve learning outcomes.
  • Improved Communication and Collaboration - Communication and teamwork have improved as a result of LMSs and cloud computing technologies, which make it simpler for students and teachers to share resources, work together on projects, and give an evaluation in real-time.
  • Adaptive learning - These systems utilize data analytics to tailor the educational program for each learner. These programs examine student performance data and modify the material's level of difficulty as necessary.
  • Cloud computing - Collaboration and sharing of educational materials between students and teachers are made simple by cloud computing tools like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. Also, this technology makes it possible to store enormous volumes of data and gives students remote access to learning materials from any location with an Internet connection.


Some of the negative impacts of technology on education and academic performance


  • Technology may be a significant source of distraction for students, which can harm their academic performance. This is especially true considering the popularity of social media and entertainment websites.
  • Students who are unduly reliant on technology may find it difficult to think critically and solve problems, two abilities that are essential for academic achievement.


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